Sunday, November 1, 2009

My glass is STILL half-full....

My sister and I visited my mother and my other sister (she lives with my mother) Friday evening. My sisters and I stayed up pretty late and my Mom went to bed. I went home about 3am. The next day I went back to Mom's about noon. As I walked in the house, this is the conversation I had with my mother:

Mom: Girl, I didn't even know you left last night. I thought you spent the night like Marcia. I just knew I was going to hear your car put-putting away in the wee hours of the night with that loooooooud engine...

(my sisters are cracking up...)

Me: No, Mom. Daddy paid for me to take it to the shop to get the muffler fixed so it's quieter now.

Mom: Oh, well I guess I won't hear you coming or going anymore. You're gonna have to start ringing the bell again.

Me: Oh my goodness! It just NEVER gets old, does it????

(Mom and my two sisters are doubling over with laughter)

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