Friday, November 6, 2009

I performed Occupational Therapy on my car!!!

So, you know how I so vividly described all the shortcomings of my mode of transportation to school. Well, as winter draws near that 'opening' in the window that never closes is becoming more of a nuisance. The heat works fine so I just crank that up but it would be better if that hole were sealed. I'm not really interested in spending the money to fix it because I'd rather deal with the cold and spend my money on more entertaining things. So, I've decided to perform some moderate occupational therapy services on the car.

I haven't given you a definition of occupational therapy in awhile so here's one: Occupational therapy (OT) teaches people new ways of performing activities.

In this case, my car needs a way of keeping the cold air out. So, I used the universal fixer-upper!


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