Friday, November 13, 2009

Climbing 90 flights of stairs...TWICE!!!

Every year I try to do something interesting and challenging. It's time for me to start coming up with crazy ideas for 2010.

In 2009, I really challenged myself with skydiving and this super exciting trip I'll be taking in December (more details next week when I get confirmation).

Earlier this year I participated in the American Lung Association Climb. In this 'race' (I didn't race, I just climbed) you pay a fee, gather donations and climb anywhere from 45 to 180 floors for charity. Three weeks before the climb I decided I wanted to do it so I signed up, raised $100 and successfully completed 45 floors in 8 minutes! That's awesome considering that it was a last minute decision and I didn't even train!

So, this year I'm doing TWO of these races and I'm climbing 90 FLOORS and I started a team. With a team, lots of people, my friends and family, can climb in my group and we can participate together.

Guess what my team name is???


It's written just like all caps and exclamation marks and everything! Ha ha! I just love OT!

I convinced a couple of OTs to be crazy with me and participate in the climb and I'm working on more friends and family.

So, here's John Hancock:

and here's the John Hancock building:

I'll be climbing all the way to the top!

This one I'll be doing alone because they sold out in one hour and I didn't tell people in time. This race is in February.

But this is the second race:

Four towers at 45 floors each. I'm doing two towers and I'll be climbing with my team.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Oh wow this is great! I know i'm supper late but I just ran across your blog! I'm in undergrad and strongly thinking about MOT!! Do you live in Chicago this is where I reside!