Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tom Cruise, a Pirate and a Pink-Haired Woman go salsa dancing

Halloween 2009 with my occupational therapy and physical therapy classmates was quite possibly the most fun I've had on Halloween in a looooong time. I very rarely celebrate Halloween because it's just not my thing. But this year my classmates came up with the brilliant idea of....SALSA DANCING!

Isn't that an awesomely creative idea????

I had a GREAT, WONDERFUL, FUN time. I learned Cumbia from some stranger on the dance floor who asked me to dance (it's surprisingly simple) and my PT classmate helped me perfect my Bachata and Salsa rhythms. I had a ball!

One classmate went as the Woman with the Pink Hair from the infamous painting Woman with the Pink Hair by George Bajinski. She totally made it up but she said it with such passion I nearly believed her! Ha ha!

My other classmate went as a pirate. Somewhere through the night they decided to switch headgear...hence the beautiful brown-skinned man in the bright pink wig...

Another guy went with us, a friend of the Woman with the Pink Hair. His costume was 'Regular Guy Going Salsa Dancing With Friends & Strangers on Halloween Night.' It was very believable! (ha ha!) I'm sure you can pick him out...

I went as Tom Cruise from the movie Risky Business. You know the scene where he's in a shirt and briefs dancing in his living room (although I don't think many people got it...but hey, I'm a grad student on a budget).

Unfortunately, I left out the briefs part because my legs are so sexy I didn't think people would be able to handle all of me. So I wore shorts instead. My legs were still sexy...even with the tube socks and my 2-inch salsa shoes...

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