Friday, November 13, 2009

They need to hurry up and get this public insurance plan together--CHOP CHOP!!

Well, I went back to the clinic on Wednesday for the shots/tests/immunizations and I waited another THREE hours to be seen. I actually fell asleep. Like head-jerking-back-enough-to-wake-me-up typeof sleep.

I slept for about 45 minutes, woke up, and went to the front desk like 'Ya'll BETTER GET ME SHOTS RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW!'

Ok, that was the way it happened in my head. In real life I asked them very sweetly to see me because I had been waiting only for FOREVER. The clinic closes at 7pm and I was there until 8pm and I only got one shot.

The nurse felt sorry for me. She told me to go to their other location on Friday. I didn't even know they had another location. Turns out this other location is right down the street from me. Well, the first location was too but just in the other direction.

So, I went this morning and they did everything in 30 MINUTES!!! I'm not even kidding you. They were much more efficient and very apologetic for the services at the first location.

So, I get my blood work results on Monday.


I still have to get health insurance for my OT program so I called my insurance agency and told them to hook me up with something affordable. I'll have some quotes later this afternoon.

Let us pray....

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