Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm NOT a Guitar Hero. Maybe I'm a Guitar Villain.

So, remember I said I was going to spend time with some former co-workers?? Well, on Sunday they cooked an awesome dinner for me of baked Mac 'n' Cheese, buttery rolls, and a roasted chicken. Did you know Purdue sells prepared seasoned chicken in a bag that you just pop in the oven?? Me, either. It was pretty good, too. That's good to know for future OT use.

Anyway, we talked and caught up on business and laughed and joked. Then we played...drum roll please...


I've been trying to play this game with these two people for MONTHS. I just never had the time. Well, I found the time. Needless to say--I'M TERRIBLE AT IT. Just plain awful. I admit this humbly.
But, I look so cool in my Guitar Hero picture. I could be a real rock-star chick!

It was my first time and I'm probably being a little hard on myself, but I'm sure my friend Gus will agree--I suck! I kept making us lose. I just couldn't get the red, yellow and green buttons together, I just couldn't press them fast enough.

I'm turning into those old people that can't play video games!!!! Yikes!!!!

But on the positive side, I have lots of great qualities! I'm an awesome person! :-)

Still, maybe I need Guitar Hero OT.

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