Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OT is overtime and off topic

My skills at explaining OT are fading! I have to get back in the game:

After dinner Gus & Amber started to clean-up the table. While cleaning we were all talking and laughing.

There were some rolls leftover in a dinner plate on the table. Gus tried to place saran wrap over the plate to store the rolls. At the same time, Amber gently grabbed the rolls, took them off the plate and wrapped them alone in saran wrap.

Me (excited that I'm seeing an almost OT thing in living color): Wow! that was a very OT thing you just did!

Amber: Me? Really? What did I do?

Gus: What's OT?

Me: You took the plate from Gus, removed the rolls off the plate and wrapped them alone in saran wrap. Very OT-like. Way to go!

Amber: Thanks!

Gus: What's OT?

Me: I noticed because in class we talk about how we should be people-watching often. So, I'm starting to do that and I just noticed you did an almost-OT thing!

Gus: WHAT'S OT??!!!

Me: Oh, ha! Sorry! In this context, Amber sub-consciously saw a different way to wrap the rolls by wrapping them directly instead of wrapping the saran wrap over the plate. OT helps people do normal, everyday activities in a different way. OT is my grad school study, remember?!

Gus: I didn't know what code language you were saying. I'm like 'What's OT?' Over-time? Off topic?

Me: Ha ha!

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