Monday, September 7, 2009

The folks at Super-Duper Top Secret Company

Two of my bff's...We had lots of fun together. They advised and encouraged me. They're lke my Super-Duper Top Secret Company sisters. Can't you see the resemblance?

Also, my sister here :-) was the first person to have a real conversation with me when I came to Super-Duper Top Secret Company. True to form, she did the same thing when my replacement took over.

One of my new bff's...She's an incredibly big supporter of my efforts, which is totally awesome for someone I've only known 2 weeks!

Another bff...This girl really reached out and befriended me quite a bit toward the end of my stay at Super-Duper Top Secret Company. I hope she realizes all her dreams. (P.S. You're so young! You have PLENTY of time to follow your dreams...don't waste your youth!)

I learned a lot from these two---Spanish from the guy on the left and random facts from the lady on the right. The lady on the right knows a little bit about a lot. You can ask her anything and I'll bet she knows the answer. :-) If she sees this she'll probably get a kick out of it. I teased her about that all the time.

These guys taught me that EVERYTHING is funny at some point in time. They ALWAYS made me laugh.

This is a great group of guys with an awesome sense of humor!

Another great group of folks! Three of the people in this group and I would climb all the stairs in our building every Wednesday (about 100 flights!). It was tough at first but after about 3 weeks I could do it with no problem--it was an awesome workout. Then the light-skinned guy in the back would make us do push-ups! He's crazy! ha ha. Once he made me do 60 push-ups. As in grown-man, military-style push-ups. No, I'm so not kidding you. As much as I complained I was shocked to find that I could do 60 push-ups! Before this, the most I had ever done was 25.

This is Wilson from the TV show Home Improvement...haha! (long story. Maybe I'll write a post about this sometime in the future)

These guys are my two Super-Duper Top Secret Company Dad's. I also call them Ebony & Ivory, Bert & Ernie and The Odd Couple. All names apply equally.

These are pics of some the wonderful people I used to work with at the super-duper top secret company. I would post a pic of the Boss-Man but I don't think that's a good idea. I think his face is more recognizable (That last sentence makes him sound like a criminal, doesn't it? Ha ha!).

I kept saying I was going to post these pics and I never did. I decided to post them now before so much time passes that it becomes irrelevant (and weird) to post these pics.

In case you can't tell, I love these people. I learned a lot from them the short time I worked at Super-Duper Top Secret Company. I never believed it was possible to enjoy your work AND your co-workers simultaneously but they showed me that it's possible. For that, I'm ever grateful.

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