Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GOOD LUCK today! You'll be awesome!

via text from my friend Brandon--
Brandon: My guess is, your blog articles will get progressively shorter as your workload increases.

* Sigh * I hate to admit it but it's probably true. At the very least, as the weeks progress, I intend to contribute (interesting) content of some sort every 2 or 3 days or so. Right now, I enter (multiple) content almost every day! I'm really committed to entering something regularly about my experiences as an Occupational Therapy student because I remember how frustrated I was that very little online journaling and personal records were available to me. I found it odd that there are blogs dedicated to things like cats (yes, cats!) and yet there was nothing for something as influential and interesting as OT???

My Occupational Therapy student blogger idol Karen Dobyns ( really gave me insight into life as an OT student, along with tips and advice, interesting books to read related to OT and overall expectations. She's awesome and I give much thanks to her. Naturally, I hope to be as influential, encouraging and informative as her to potential OT students and the global community. It's important for people to understand the impact of OT and its purpose and usefulness in health and human services.

So, if at some point in the future my submissions are disappointingly short I'll just blame Brandon now. It's all your fault Brandon. D*mn you!
(snicker, snicker, hee hee)

I think I'll just focus on what Liz, my former co-worker/replacement from the super duper top secret company (the job I quit last week), said to me via email on Monday, the day before my first day of class:

Liz: GOOD LUCK today! You'll be awesome!

This will be my daily mantra. Thanks Liz!

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