Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The OT/PT instructors' Master Plan...

Well, it turns out that I have five exams next week. Yes, you read that right and it is not a typo. FIVE. They are all over the course of three days. I suspect the instructors for each class got together and planned this. How else could this be? All of the students are Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy students so the instructors know all of our exams will be near each other. I suspect they secretly met and the conversation went something like this:

Physiology: I'm going to hold my exam on Thursday of the fourth week of class.

Anatomy: Ok, well, it's only fair to give them more exams to study for so I'll have my exam the day before yours, on Wednesday.

Movement: can they suffer if they don't have more than one exam on the same day??? So, to encourage suffering, I'll hold my exam on Thursday as well.

Anatomy: Wow, you're right. Let's can make this so challenging it hurts? Oh, I know! I'll have two exams, one for lecture and one for lab! This way they can suffer twice in one day....for the same class! Pure torture!

Ethics: Well, you guys are not going to leave me behind. I'm going to have my exam on Wednesday right before Anatomy. Hey Anatomy, three exams on one day beats two, right?! They'll be exhausted after all these exams! Sounds like a plan...

Ethics, Anatomy, Physiology, Movement: It's all part of our Master Plan. MUH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!
(evil laugh in unison)

Ok, so, as usual I exaggerate (but only a little). But this is what it feels like happened. Ha ha! I'm crazy. If any of the above mentioned instructors are reading this blog IT'S JUST JOKES, I'M JUST KIDDING (to the students, I'm only kidding a little). :-)

So, given all of this I probably won't write much next week which will work out because this week I have LOTS to say since I was unable to connect online last week!


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  1. Geeze Pete!! I am a grad I student as well, so I wanted to send along my condolences. That is simply wicked! However, kudos to you for blogging. I am a non-traditional student and I was going to blog about my OTS experience from that perspective, but my work load scarcely leaves time for household chores, much less any kind of family life, so I disabled my blog. I am following you now, though!! Woo HOO :)