Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The campus is beautiful!

So here are some pics of the campus lake or pond. This campus has a lake and a pond and I've only seen this. I'm not sure where the other is. This pond/lake is much larger than it looks and it's really pretty, absolutely gorgeous. Just ignore the guy with the truck. I tried to wait for him to move so that I could take a decent picture but he was clearly made of molasses because he was moving slower than my 86-year old Grandma. She could have loaded that truck faster than him. So, maybe I'll take another one tomorrow, minus the molasses addition.

So the campus is gi-normous and gi-big and set in the middle of trees and other greenery. It looks almost like the crew carved it from the forest. This pic below kind of illustrates that. I guess this was the construction crew's idea of sarcasm as this Paul Bunyan fellow looks like he's been chopping down trees and now he's tired! All he needs is his blue ox Babe! I think this is soooo funny! It cracks me up.

Finally, I've forgotten how convenient college is! Everything is provided for you on campus: food, a gym, a pool, medical stations, reduced daycare, you can even renew your drivers license and get your city stickers on campus or talk with a counselor (for FREE) if your cat dies or something! It's amazing. No wonder some people never want to leave college. And the staff here is so nice! It's weird. I don't remember the staff being so friendly when I was in college 10 years ago. Yonkers! I was in college 10 years ago! That's amazing. Wow, my parents have a 30-year old daughter. Gosh, they're getting old.

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