Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm a hypocrit! I admit it.

I'm winding down now...three days of intensive study is a lot on the brain. I have to force myself to take adequate breaks and even still, I'm thinking about the subject I was just studying. In addition to that, I see the names of anatomy bones and muscles in everything I do!

I have to force myself to stop and eat. I don't eat because sub-consciously I feel like preparing and eating the food is time away from learning the material. Over the last 3 days I've only eaten stove-top popcorn and cream of mushroom soup.

Please don't laugh because I'm not kidding. It's really sad.

I prepare these foods because they're quick, readily available and I can eat them mindlessly while I read my schoolbooks.

Why do I do this? Because my instructors keep talking about how difficult their tests are. I won't even tell you the average first exam score of the class before us in one particular course. Let's just say it wasn't an A or a B..or a C... That's scary! And motivating! Which is why I haven't eaten...

These are my first grad school exams. Five in one week. It's crazy. All I know are undergrad exams, which were always so easy: memorize the material and spit it back out. Simple. But now I have to apply the material to concepts. FIVE sets of concepts. This is a totally different method of studying and testing all together.

But, don't fret. Starting tomorrow I'm going to eat regularly again. I do all this talk on my blog about treating your body well and I then I starve my own!

Sounds hypocritical to me...

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