Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dad is donating his body to science

A conversation between my dad, cousin and me yesterday:

Dad (to me): So, you started school, huh? That's great.

Me: Yup, I'm so excited. We got our cadavers on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to dissecting them.

Michelle (my cousin): What? Cadavers? Dissecting? You're cutting into people? That's part of your program?

Me: Oh yeah, definitely. People donate their bodies to science after death so that we can learn the internal make-up of the body. As an Occupational Therapy student you have to learn where all the muscles are and how they are connected, how they work together and how they function with all the internal systems, like the digestive, integumentary or nervous system. It's interesting to me that people are willing to donate their bodies to science for this purpose.

Dad: Yeah, I might donate my body to science (snickering) because I'm so smart. It would be useful for the students.

Me: No, Dad, the point is to learn about the body. Don't disappoint the students by donating your body...

Michelle: Yeah the students would get your brain and say 'Oh no! What a ripoff! This brain is empty!'

Dad: Well, Michelle, at least it's safe for you to donate your brain to science...

Michelle: Why is that?

Dad: The students can use it because no one else is using it...

(Michelle gives the evil eye)


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