Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why *FREE* money is not really free

Ok, um, apparently, I didn't get the memo!

Why didn't anyone tell me that if you get scholarship money for school the U.S. government considers that income and taxes it up the yee-yang?!

Apparently when you think that income literally means going to work and making money you are sadly mistaken.

Income means ALL money that comes your way. Even free money. Period.

What gets me is that you are supposed to use your student loan and scholarship money for school and living expenses. If I have to pay taxes on this *free* money, where does the money to pay the taxes by April 18th come from? Isn't a misuse of funds to use the *free* money to pay the government?

Are the words *free* and *scholarship* misnomers?

Just curious.

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