Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hand puppets & Pin the Tail on the Turkey

After making puppets, two of the kids spontaneously performed a puppet show for me! It was lovely!

These puppets were supposed to be Pilgrims and Indians (Native Americans).

The Pilgrims had hats and the Indians (Native Americans) had feathers. I am personally opposed to the 'Pilgrim' and 'Indian' image as I have very strong views about the way their relationship is portrayed to school children. I won't get into my personal views here because the point is that the activity was excellent.

The children were allowed to decorate them as they pleased using yarn for hair and the mouth, crayons, markers, bubble eyes and pom-pons for the nose. We had to guide some of the children with the decorations but most did well using their imaginations.

We played a Pin the Hat on the Turkey game. This game was great for social interaction, communication, following directions, knowing body parts in space (while the eyes are closed), vestibular regulation (because we would spin them around), taking turns (some of the kids struggled with this) and a host of other performance skills. This is an excellent activity.

Just a picture to illustrate how small the kids' chairs are. This picture does no justice, really. Those chairs are either really, really tiny or I am really, really big. It may be a bit of both. lol. But, I thought it was so cute that their chairs were so small. The blue chair, although it looks larger, is still small in comparison to an adult chair because it is a chair made for a larger child. I had to sit in the red chair sometimes so that I could be eye-level with the kids. It was uncomfortable because I could not scoot under the table like the kids because I am too big!

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