Tuesday, February 22, 2011

24 year-olds in nursing homes

I received an excellent submission form a reader on an article that was new information to me and very interesting. This article discusses how a growing number of nursing home residents are actually under the age of 65. Apparently, this groups suffers traumatic injuries and their families cannot afford to take care of them, either financially or because of time. As a result, they are put in nursing homes where they can get the care they need. Some people are in nursing homes because its cheaper than a hospital.

The problem is that they are still young (some are in the 20s) and want to play their music loud, get up late, eat late and hang out. This can be a problem when the people with whom you live get up at 7 am and go to bed at 9pm. They also mentioned how people are dying and that makes them very sad.

I think it is a very interesting article for occupational therapists and the health profession to review and consider. I hope you take the time to read it!



  1. When you say "People are in nursing homes because it is cheaper than a hospital," you are right but your statement is a bit misleading. People leave the hospitals because the medical team at the hospital has done everything they need to, but the person isn't ready to go home yet because of weakness. Therefore, they go to the skilled nursing facility for a week or two to recover from their surgery (or whatever) and get rehab so that they can return home. Does that make sense?

  2. I wonder if those aren't the same reasons anyone doesn't like to be in a nursing home. People dying all around you would make just about anybody depressed. And the younger folks want to sleep in and play their music loud...what about the older folks who can't live their lives the way they want because they have to rely on others for their care? These don't seem like problems that are exclusive to younger folks in nursing homes.

  3. Emily, this is very true! I encourage you to make this comment on the article page as it is very valid. I had a conversation recently with a woman was sent to a nursing home for rehab care. She is near 60y/o and definitely had similar complaints.

  4. Anonymous, thanks! It makes sense and clears things up!