Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School, Toilets and Friendship

Two things to make you smile today:

1. My classmates and I were complaining about how tired we always are and how there is always so much to do that we never get to do things we really like, such as spend time with our families, read interesting books, hang out with our friends til the wee hours, and sleep.

The 6 year-old son of one of my classmates asked her to play with him and she said, "Ok, I have some homework to do first and then I can play with you."

To which he quickly replied, "You never spend any time with us anymore. I hate school; I'm never going to school, not even after college!"

For some reason, that cracked me up!

2. Another classmate left her bag and coat in class but was nowhere to be found and the professor had started teaching. I asked another classmate where she was and found out she wasn't feeling well and went to the bathroom.

When she returned and found out that I inquired and was interested in her whereabouts she said, "Wow, you asked about me? That's awesome, thank you for thinking of me! I was in the bathroom on the toilet and I thought about you, too!"

I just shook my head and turned away. Not the image I needed at that moment.

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