Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did you vote today?


The answer HAD BETTER be YES! I got up nice and early this morning to vote. Well, it wasn't quite so nice since it was still DARK outside. It was waaaay before the crack of dawn, the sun was still sleeping. But I performed my American privilege and voted. For me, voting is a pretty serious matter and I do whatever is necessary to get to the polls.

No offense to any American white males out there who may be reading this but I must say this: If you are a minority or a woman and you did not vote you deserve a SPANKING and you should be sorely ASHAMED of yourself. A lot of people busted a lot of sweat and tears for this PRIVILEGE and RESPONSIBILITY and I believe it's disrespectful not to vote. So, you had better have a pretty darn good explanation for not going.

While at the polls and talking to the people checking my paperwork I got a little teary-eyed thinking about the privilege of voting. I'm serious, I was really holding back some tears. I thought about my grandparents who didn't have this privilege when they turned 18, how proud they must have felt the first time they voted and how, amazingly, 75 years ago I would have been spat upon for coming within 15 feet of a polling place.

Voting is simple yet powerful act.

It made me happy and proud to be able to say I voted today.

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