Monday, November 15, 2010

Sculpture Tour

'Phoenix'...a really beautiful piece. It actually looks like a Phoenix.

'Bodark Arc.' Of course, while we were on the tour we didn't get this view. The staff part of the bow is a row of orange trees. The string part of the bow is a beaten down path that turns into a bridge that crosses parts of the pond. The view from one end the tree grove to the other is absolutely incredible! I REALLY wish I had my camera that day.

The 'House Divided' sculpture. This pic shows the 3 entrances, all of which lead to the same area since 1/2 of this structure is cut off by the diagonal wall. If you look closely you can see part of the wall.

'Yes! for Lady Day.' This is an interactive sculpture that moves and 'sings.'

So you know I'm committed to trying something new every month. I didn't post what I did in October so here it is! First, I went on an art tour. I don't know if I every mentioned this but my school has the largest outdoor sculpture park in the United States--Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park. Interesting, huh? Well, the last tour was in mid-October, it was free, so I went. I was the youngest person there, which was great. I invited my entire occupational therapy class but no one came :-(

Of course the tour group made all kinds of humorous comments about my youth because the tour was loooong--a little over two hours on foot and we didn't even see everything! I met a gentlemen who was 83 years old! He and I talked the entire time. He was incredibly talkative, open and friendly. I like talking to seniors because they always have something interesting to say.

Anyway, the tour gave me a new appreciation for sculpture and other art forms and I will definitely attend another tour. I wish I had taken pictures because the fall backdrop was absolutely GORGEOUS. The tour guide was excellent and gave an excellent review of each piece of art.

The most interesting part of the tour was the 'House Divided' piece which was a large white building, similar in shape to a barn. You could actually walk inside this piece. As the website describes, "When we step inside we are surprised to find the structure has, in fact, been divided in half, diagonally. Three entries to the outside create an uncomfortable space with no corners. Fully half of the structure has been rendered useless." The artist does not offer an explanation of the piece but rather leaves the interpretation to the viewer.

Our tour guide stated that someone once suggested that since the piece illustrates a complete waste of space with a diagonal wall with no doors to the other side, is titled House Divided, gives reference to Abraham Lincoln and is in Illinois, then one possible meaning could be the incredible amount of talent and skill wasted and lost by slaves who were never allowed to reach their full potential and contribute to society.

Their was an eerie silence as that statement sunk in and of course everyone turned and looked at me since I was the only brown skinned person on the tour. But walking into that piece and feeling and seeing how the space is completely useless and wasted by that diagonal wall really stuck with me.

I really enjoyed the tour. I wish more of my classmates would have experienced it with me.

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  1. I heard that GSU has great landscapeing!!! I too am applying there!