Monday, October 25, 2010

Random pics from the Girls' Home

I found these pics when going through my iPhoto. I forgot to post them from the summer!

A random pic of me before going to work at an occupational therapy information session.

We went to a 'carnival' with the girls. They did face and arm painting and made me a Dora balloon. Hola!

The girls did my nails...and Amy's nails...

We played a game on managing your emotions. We all sat in a circle with a tub of candy in the middle. Each person took a turn rolling a pair of dice. If you scored doubles you got to choose a candy. Once all the candy was gone we each rolled again; if you scored doubles you got to choose someone else's candy. At the end of the game we talked about how it felt to score doubles and choose candy from the tub, to choose from someone else and to have candy taken from you from someone else.

We played another game where we pretended everyone was on a cruise. We had them make and decorate hats. Before the activity we created 'keys.' During the activity each person received a key and went around asking others to exchange their key. The keys with the hearts have 'HIV.' At the end we asked who had the heart keys.

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