Thursday, September 2, 2010

School started on Monday!

Btw, school started on Monday! We're FINALLY getting to the meat and potatoes of the curriculum. I'm learning more hands-on occupational therapy! It's amazing. I love it!

Tomorrow we meet with children and 'document' them. This is exciting because this term fieldwork is in....drum roll please...PEDS (peds is short for pediatrics). Yeah! So, I'll be learning a lot about human development and kids.

One thing that I REALLY appreciate about my university is that we have FIVE fieldwork experiences. We have three Level I experiences--mental health, behavioral health and physical dysfunction--and two Level II's. Only ONE Level I is required by AOTA and, because it's currently midnight, I can't remember how many Level II's are required. lol. I'm tired.

Anyway, we receive a very rich fieldwork experience.

It's wonderful and fabulous, isn't it?

Good night!

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