Friday, September 24, 2010

Different perspectives contribute to the whole picture

(A few of the many sculptures on campus and one of the lakes. I recently discovered that our campus has the largest sculpture park the U.S. Interesting, isn't it? I thought so, as well, which is why I am going to take a tour of the park in October.)

So, remember the quantum physics book I told you about a few posts ago? Well, I have a class that uses that book as a textbook; we meet once per week. This past week the instructors divided us into groups and sent each group to a different area of the campus (we got to go outside, I was soooo excited!!! It was like recess!).

Each member had to write down what they could see, hear, smell and feel. Then, each member had to focus on a different sensation or emotion: some focused on only the sounds they heard, some focused on what was in their immediate vision and then what was in the distance, some focused on things that were only as small as an ant, and others focused on one particular object and how it made them feel.

When we returned to the classroom each group had to collaborate on their particular focus area. I thought each person, saw, heard, smelled and felt things that other people did not even notice. For example, two people in one particular group both noticed the same statue in their area but only noticed a lamppost in front of it and the other only noticed a description post.

The purpose of the project, of course, was to illustrate that in groups people have different perspectives. Each person's perspective is important and each contributes to the whole picture. Also, it's very important to listen. The people who were instructed to only write down what they heard, heard things that the rest of us did not even notice. So, listening is an integral part of stellar teams.

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