Thursday, September 23, 2010


The occupational therapy profession is changing the way students apply to schools. It used to be that you would choose a school and apply on the school's website. Now there is a new online system for students, It's basically a centralized application website for occupational therapy students. You pay a a fee the web service sends your application to your schools of choice. You still have to send in some paper requirements, such as transcripts, but the site is flexible enough where even your letters of recommendation can be submitted online.

This makes me a little sad, it's like losing just seems like some of the personality of the application process is lost in this. But I think I feel this way partly because I applied through a paper system and it's familiar to me. Everything is going electronic now, right? So, I guess occupational therapy has to get on the bandwagon. I also feel a little sad about all the changes because I just found out that my school no longer has a part-time option for occupational therapy students. I think this limits a lot of people who are second career like me. Thankfully, I am able to live on my scholarships and student loans so I didn't have to go part-time but many others don't have this option. So, with every change is a benefit and a loss.

I In a few years I'll probably be happy about this...

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