Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dad's wallet was stolen

So, dad is one of those men that has a big, bulky wallet with receipts and papers hanging out of it. This is a conversation we had earlier today as I was reaching for his wallet to get his medical card.

Me: Wow, dad you got a new wallet?

Dad: Yeah, someone stole my other one. They stole it from my car right in front of the house!

Me: Why did you leave it in your car?

Dad: I always leave it in my car because I take it out my pocket so that I'm not sitting lopsided. And you wanna know what the crazy part is??

(dramatic pause)

They stole it from my car again a week later.

Me: But, isn't it crazier that you left your wallet in your car a second time after someone stole it the FIRST time?

Dad cracks me up sometimes. He's so trusting. But don't worry, he never leaves any cash in his wallet and the cards never work anyway. He's silly!

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