Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One T-B-S-P

(my niece. I have no idea why she's smiling like this, she looks very funny. Maybe she was mad at me for asking her to take this picture...you know kids are finicky.)

Some recent conversations:

My niece went to stay with her dad one weekend and, having the common cold, my Sister called to confirm she was taking her medication. My niece, at this time, was 7 years old.

Sister: Are you being a good girl at your father's house?

Niece: Yes, Mom.

Sister: Are you still feeling sick?

Niece: Yes, a little.

Sister: Ok, did your dad help you take your medicine?

Niece: Yes, but really I did it by myself.

Sister: You did? Well, how much medicine did you take?

Niece: One T-B-S-P.


My classmates and I talking before a Movement exam that happened to be the same week as other exams. This particular exam was memorizing functional events/processes with the correct OT terminology. We had all the answers as these processes were things you do every day, such as pouring a cup of water or scratching your back, but we had to name the movements as they relate to OT, such as supination, pronation or external rotation.

Me: Wow, there are so many exams this week. I thought I was prepared but now I realize I have to study a bit more than I originally thought.

Student 1: Yeah, me too. This is a lot of information to study for this week...so much to do...

Student 2: Yeah I know! I gotta get home and start memorizing these terms.

Me: Well, the bright side to all this is that at least we have all the answers to the exam. We just have to memorize them.

Student 2: Yeah, but if you think about it, isn't that the way it is for EVERY exam.

Me and student 1: Hmm, I never thought about it like that...

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