Sunday, February 21, 2010

The enjoyment of occupation

I lacerated the DIP tendon of my left middle finger.

I'm in a Dodgeball league (don't laugh) and we play every Sunday. Today one of the guys threw the ball, I caught it and got the point for my team (yippee!).

But, this is not the dodgeball of your youth. The men are big and strong and throw HARD. They threw the ball so hard it lacerated the DIP tendon of my left third digit (the doc & I both agreed on this, haha!). As a result, I couldn't extend it.

I went to the emergency room, took some X-rays, had a friendly chat with the doctor (excited that we could talk medical terms), and got a pretty cool splint along with an appointment with a hand surgeon.

As I turned to leave I said to the doctor, "Well, I hope I don't see you next week because I'm going back out there to play again next Sunday!"

This, my friends, is occupation at its finest. I hurt my finger in such a way that will cause me discomfort for the next 6 weeks and yet I'm still committed to playing a game that is fun, competitive, challenging, social, and has meaning to me.

This is why occupation is so important. It makes life fun and interesting. As an occupational therapist, this is what I want to give back to my clients--the enjoyment of occupation.

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