Friday, October 9, 2009

When I have kids, will I drive a bus, too?

My Grandmother's funeral is tomorrow.


I hate funerals.

Yes, especially those of family members. I'm still going of course, because it's the right thing to do but I'm REALLY dreading it. REALLY dreading it.

Funerals are so sad. And viewing the body is so morbid to me. I told my mother I was NOT viewing the body. I want to remember Grandma as she was. Most older, civilized nations of the world wrap the body and bury it immediately. There is no 'viewing' of the body. It's a gross practice. I told my family to never do that for me. Just post a (flattering) picture of me and place me in the casket.

This is the Circle of Life Mufasa talked about in the Disney movie The Lion King. Despite how sad these events are they must happen.

But, as I stated a few blogs ago, my Grandmother really loved her children, as most mothers do. It's the way it should be. Good parents produce productive children who have meaningful contributions to society.

A mother's love for her children is indescribable and immeasurable and I'm looking forward to experiencing this for myself. One of my classmates told me she drove a bus (yes, a bus!) when her children reached school age just so she could be home when they were home, have summers off and tote them around with her when necessary. That's incredible to me! My other classmate told me her mother worked in her school's cafeteria just so she could be closer to them and make sure they were okay.

I have another friend who fibs and tells her family 'the doctor said do it' just so she can feed her child wholesome breast milk and whole, organic foods without the criticism of the family. If she did not say it was the doctor's orders the family would feed the baby high fructose corn syrup, cow's milk, artificial milk, and processed and microwavable foods, which both she and I agree are huge no-no's. But she does it to protect the health of her child.

Anyway, Grandmother's funeral is tomorrow.


I hate funerals.


  1. Kim - I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she was able to share all of her life experiences with you. I don't do well at wakes and funerals. I usually have to step outside for awhile. There's so much emotion and all you can offer to help are words.

    I love reading your blog. It has so much feeling in it.

    Ernie (Jim B.)

  2. Kim,

    it's LaVerne! this was a beautiful post and so is it a small world. I was forwarded your blog as therapy because this is the anniversary of my grandma's transition. It was crazy because I did not even know this was you at first.

    You are still doing amazing things. You inspire me too.

    Keep up the great work! I have left LA FItness to pursue my dreams as well.

    Please keep in touch! theleaderinfitness@yahoo

    Love Ya,