Friday, October 9, 2009

The Michelin Man's competition

I was searching for something on the Internet, I don't remember what, and I came across this picture:

Isn't this a bit...(gross) over the top (gross)? How do you function with muscles like this? This man MUST be on steroids. It's to the point where the muscles are actually unattractive. They look like very large corn kernels.

Some people's muscles actually split in half (I'm not joking) from excessive steroid use. The body can only take so much stress.

I think he needs Occupational Therapy to help him engage in more daily activities. I can't imagine what simple tasks, like shopping for clothes, driving a car, or going for a drink with friends, must be like. I'm only 150 pounds and I eat a LOT of food per day to keep my weight down. Imagine what his grocery bill must be like! Imagine what his portion sizes must be like! Wow.

He looks like a real-life version of the Michelin man...Michelin man, looks like you have competition.

I'll bet that grandma in the last post is having way more sex than this guy!

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