Monday, October 4, 2010

What sucks about growing old...

Today we went to a senior community site to visit and talk with seniors as part of the late adulthood portion of our Human Dev course. We were supposed to observe their social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities/disabilities and see if what we observed complemented or confirmed what we learned from our readings. IT WAS SO INTERESTING!

I happened to choose a table with the liveliest seniors EVER. The moment I sat down one of the women said to me, 'You know, Ms. Doe over here is telling us about her online dating.' Ms. Doe is 81 years old! Haha!

There were four women at my table, ranging from 58 to 81 and they had the best stories. I can't repeat what was said but some of the topics were:
  • abusive husbands
  • decent husbands
  • raising children
  • how breastfeeding makes your breasts sag
  • how old breasts are like eggplants and torpedoes (no kidding, they said this)
  • how breast minimizers push your breasts under your armpits
  • the cup size of each woman at the table (these were some large women!)
  • how one woman heard a joke about a 69 and went home to ask her sons what that meant (haha)
  • the secret to a happy, long marriage
  • what sucks about growing old
  • my personal dating life
  • how growing old can be lonely...and boring
  • how growing old can be physically painful
  • how when you're young everything is tight and compact
  • how I don't look my age
  • how online dating sucks
  • why you shouldn't marry for looks unless you want a deadbeat, an abuser or a womanizer for a husband
  • why a prenup is good...for a short time, and when you really trust one another it should be destroyed
and a host of other things that I can't remember right now. I had a lovely time and these women were so open, they just talked about EVERYTHING.

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