Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bully words

Like I said before, these children often have trouble with their behavior and emotions and they often lash out with intense, negative words.

They have postings on the wall about 'Bully Words.' I found it interesting because one of the words was 304. I had no idea what that was. I asked the clinician on site and she said 'spell it backwards and change the numbers to letters' (for those who don't get it--it's a derogatory name for a 'loose' woman; also spelled the same as a common garden tool).

Immediately I got it! Wow! How...expressive. But kids are saying this? They range from 4-12 years. They're too young to even really know what that means.

They also had the word 'Critch.' That's new to me. I wonder if its the same as a curse word that starts with a different letter. Also, 'bop.' Does anyone know what these mean?

Another thing that struck me were the words 'skinny' and 'fatty.' How interesting that we use both ends of the spectrum to put someone down! I guess humans find anything to make people feel badly about themselves, huh? It's sad when kids do it, though.

Finally, the last thing I found interesting was the number of words on the list! These are words that the kids thought of! On their own! I counted 56! Fifty-six words on just ONE of the posters; there were two posters. Fifty-six bully words from kids!

Being a kid is tough.

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