Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OTs Centennial Vision--why OTs don't give massages

Well, it happened again.

While in the financial aid office a gentleman that I occasionally speak with in passing asked me about my course of study. When I replied 'Occupational Therapy' he said, 'Oh, so you'll be giving people massages and stuff.'

I was mildly irritated.

However, I responded very calmly, 'No, I won't give anyone a massage as massage therapists give people massages. Occupational therapists help people who have been injured or have a disease regain or perform daily activities. These types of activities can be relatively simple, such as combing your hair, to something like putting on a pair of jeans, which is surprisingly a very complex, involved action.'

I'm really making the effort to not get irritated. When I really think about it it's probably the profession's fault that OT is not recognized for what it really is. As OTs and future OTs we have to take full responsibility for this.

This is partly the reason why AOTA (the American Occupational Therapy Association) has commissioned a Centennial Vision. I first heard about the Centennial Vision from my OT blogger idol Karen Dobyns (Go Karen!), you can find her blog here and learn all about why she's my idol. She's awesome!

Anyway, the Centennial Vision is incredible because one of its goals is that OT is widely recognized:

"We envision that occupational therapy is a powerful, widely recognized, science-driven, and evidence-based profession with a globally connected and diverse workforce meeting society's occupational needs." --AOTA

AOTA and the occupational therapy profession have a 100-year birthday in 2017 and the goal is the realize this Vision. It would be an awesome birthday present to myself, AOTA, other OTs and the general community.

So, naturally, I'll continue to mention the Vision throughout this blog. It's really my goal that you, my dear, beloved readers, have a clearer understanding of, and appreciation for (and EXCITEMENT!!! like myself!) occupational therapy.

So I said all that to say that this is why I did not get angry when speaking to that gentleman earlier today. He's gotta learn somehow...

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