Sunday, January 24, 2010

An 'interesting' semester

Well, I'm too tired to write about Costa Rica right now. I think I will have to write bits and pieces here and there. But I was able to successfully explain OT in spanish many times over. Hooray for me!

My second semester of 7 total semesters started two weeks ago (I did EXCEPTIONALLY well last semester...emphasis on EXCEPTIONALLY). Because of the super cold weather we've been having here I just can't seem to adjust and get into this semester. I'm very uncomfortable because I dislike the cold. Grrrr. I've decided to move away from here. The weather makes me sad. I secretly believe cold weather is evil.

So, my classes this semester are:
*Research (this one is going to be...interesting. If you're one of my professors reading this I mean that in a good way) (kinda)
*Theories in OT
*Movement Analysis II (lower body) w/lab
*Anatomy (lower body) w/lab
*Physiology of Disease (another one that's...interesting)

My schedule is different this semester in that I have less free time between classes BUT we finish school about 1.5 hours earlier than last semester. I like this setup better. I feel like I have more daylight hours and more free time to myself. The only 'interesting' thing about this semester is that some of my classes are more involved and require lots of time and independent research.

It's going to be an 'interesting' semester.

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