Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's what $900 looks like...

So, I purchased my books today. I purchased all of the required books and zero of the recommended books. I'll probably get some recommended books later. Right now I just wanted to focus on the basics.

I approached the cashier with trepidation once I found all of my books. I haven't purchased school books in 10 years! Not since I was in college in 2000! I was thinking it would cost $400-600 tops. Boy was I wrong. When the girl rang up all the books she had this look on her face so I knew it wasn't good. I actually knew it wasn't good from the start when ONE (read that ONE!!!!) book was $221 BEFORE taxes. Here's a pic of what a $221 book looks like:

Sorry, it doesn't prepare lunch or do my homework for me. Only the $225 books do that.

So anyway, the girl had a scary look on her face after ringing up all my books.

Me: Ok, just tell me. What's the damage?

Her: $881.92

Me: (staring blankly. The cashier and her manager went quiet and so did the people in line behind me...)

Me: (Finally, I just started crying) WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Ok, it was fake crying complete with my fist banging on the counter, heaving shoulders, sniffles and everything. The cashier, her manager and the people behind me all started laughing. Little did they know I wanted to cry for real! I felt like gathering all my books and running out of there like a fugitive. Ha ha!

So, here's what $900 in books looks like:

Pretty snazzy huh? Yeah, I didn't think so either...

Looks like me, and are gonna be real good friends over the next few days. I hope my co-workers are reading this. They can start a collection to help me buy books each semester. Instead of 'Save the Whales' it will be 'Save Kim!'

Shucks! I just spent $900 for schoolbooks. I guess this means I can't eat this month...

(that was a joke...kind of)

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