Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week Three!

I'm always amazed at how one day I look up and BAM! It's been weeks since I've posted. Time is flying and it's a little scary.

Week three of my first Level I Fieldwork is coming along well, I think. I'm always amazed at how little I actually know. Just when you think school has stuffed you chock full of info you go on Fieldwork and realize it wasn't enough. I'm learning diagnosis I didn't even know existed and sometimes there are 2 and 3 variations of one diagnosis.

I'm also learning that every OT and every facility has their own way of writing notes and writing goals. So, just when you get used to doing it one way, you go to another facility and their protocol is slightly different.

Please know that to date I've had 2 clients kind of tick me off by saying inappropriate things to me, however, I smiled each time and kept my cool. I can take a client being rude because they are tired or mentally impaired or don't want to do therapy, that just comes with the territory and doesn't bother me much. But when people make personal assaults, well, that ticks me off. I am a professional AND I am a student, so that puts in the position where unless they call me something really outrageous or do something to threaten my safety then I just nod my head and move on. But you future occupational therapists need to be prepared for the fact that patients say crazy things, even though they themselves are not crazy. They may catch you off guard and, as a student and future employee, it's not in your best interest to give them a piece of your mind. Sometimes you have to just smile and let the patient think they are right or let them think they know more than you. The way I see it, they are not an integral or fixed part of my life; I'll only be working with them for a short time and then it's over.

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