Thursday, July 22, 2010

"I'm making a bomb! I can't take the pressure!!!"

My tools: the clicker with old batteries, the screwdriver, the insanely tiny screw that you can hardly see because it's insanely tiny, the new battery packaging, a new battery.

Insanely tiny screw.

Unscrewing the insanely tiny screw using shoulder and elbow flexion (I held it to my face to protect my neck) and forearm pronation and supination.

Me, whistling while I'm working. lol.

Batteries, clickers, and garbage, aka--A MESS!

Battery between my fingers and on the right, if you look closely, is another insanely tiny screw! The little boogers are sneaky. Another grad assist student dropped one and we were both on the floor looking for it. Those things are harder to find than dropped contact lenses!

I am the graduate assistant for the OT program here at my school and someone asked me to replace all the batteries in our 'clickers.' As I was doing this I noticed that I am turning into a true OT!

This requires using a screwdriver, you know, the kind you use to unscrew those insanely tiny screws for your glasses. Well, as I was unscrewing, removing the backing, removing the old batteries, replacing them with new batteries, replacing the backing and screwing the insanely tiny screw back in I noticed that I kept thinking about what motion I was performing and which muscles I was using!

How wonderful is that!

I was also thinking if this would be a good 'task' to give a client, with some variations of course. I'm not so sure about this because the screw is so insanely tiny that if you can pick it up, place it in the screw hole and use the screwdriver then you probably don't need occupational therapy services; you're probably functioning very well.

Anyway, I noticed that I used a lot of humeral and wrist flexion, along with forearm pronation and supination and a ton of complicated, combination, prehension (aka-pinching) movements. It only confirms what I said earlier about your hands and fingers being soooooo important! Don't take them for granted!

Last thing, I also felt like I was building a bomb! Ha ha. There I was, hunched over, with old batteries, a screw driver, clickers, insanely tiny screws, and garbage from the new battery packages. It looked a little crazy. I told myself if someone walked in and asked me what I was doing I would scream, "I'm making a bomb! I JUST CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE!!!"

I'm so silly.

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  1. wt type of screw driver is tht?
    i have the same clicker and I can't find any driver which unscrew this 'insanely tiny screw'.