Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fieldwork Level I

Part of your OT schoolwork is clinical experience. As students we must go to the 'field,' observe clinicians, and plan and implement interventions and evaluate outcomes, among other things. This is known in occupational therapy as fieldwork. This is a requirement to become an OT. There are two Level I's and two Level II fieldwork experiences. Thankfully, my school has expanded our Level I experience so that we have a total of 3 Level I's.

My first Level I fieldwork is a Mental/Behavioral health experience at a girls home. I am going to this location with another student. This home serves the needs of female minors who are in need of temporary placement. Other students have had an interesting experience here and I intend to have an awesome experience.

When I first found out I was being placed here I was NOT happy. Actually, I was downright disappointed. I wanted to be in a hospital or in another location that had an OT on staff. This girls home does not have an OT on staff. This scared me because I have a B.S. degree in Finance and I have a business background. Many of my peers have experience in Biology, Medicine, OT, PT and other fields. Sometimes I feel like I'm starting from scratch or behind so it was so important to me to be with an OT.

I spoke with my instructor who placed me here and asked her what about my character led her to place me in this location. She told me that many of my peers will be in a location without an OT. But more importantly, she said that I am very confident, I establish boundaries very well and have no problem saying "no." She said that I will be with girls with many emotional and social problems and many of them will want a relationship outside of this fieldwork experience and will cross various social boundaries; many of my peers are not equipped to handle situations of this type. She explained that this fieldwork location is in need of people who can be kind and stern at the same time. She also said that I am young and attractive and encouraging and many of these girls will look up to me and see their own possibilities.

So, I'll keep you all posted as much as I can. For obvious reasons I can't say too much but I'll do what I can!

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