Monday, December 6, 2010

Good times with the kids

(Pom Poms)

So, as you know I LOVED working with those kids. They were all so cute and so funny and so adorable and so FUN. I had a ball!

Here is a joke one student told me. He said he made it up and he was so proud of it.

Him: What is a beaver's favorite food?
Me: I don't know, what?
Him: Steak...
Me: (silent, because I just did NOT get it, haha!)
Him: You don't get it?
Me: No, sorry! (ashamed, head down) I don't get it.
Him: You know, beavers eat wood and 'stakes' are made of wood.

I nearly fell out laughing and I think you know why.....

During another instance one student made such a hilarious statement that my supervisor and I had to turn away so she wouldn't see us laughing so hard:

We were making Christmas trees and decorating them with ornaments such as yarn, cotton balls and small pom poms (if you don't know what a pom pom is see the picture at the top of this post). This can be a sensory activity as many of the kids don't like touching glue and as a result they often don't put enough glue on the paper. When this happens, the pom poms fall off.

Boy X was gluing his pom poms to his Christmas tree but did not add enough glue. But, he was so proud of his tree that he held it up for everyone to see and his ornaments started falling off. Girl Y, trying to help him, said, "Hey, Boy X, be careful. Your balls are falling off.. Hey, did you hear me??? YOUR BALLS ARE FALLING OFF!!!!"

I nearly peed in my pants.

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